Post script to Easter Traditions

I read a news story about a woman who was told to remove a little stuffed Easter bunny from her desk at work because the non-religious might be offended. It figures in this insane politically correct world that tolerates everything but Christianity, until you remember that that stupid rabbit dates back to Babylonian worship of the fertility goddess Ishtar. If the atheists knew that, they would buy stock in the company that manufactures the stupid stuffed rabbit and every other part of secular Easter and promote it only to further bury the true meaning of the holiday.

I want to supplement the EasterTradition post with the reference to I Cor.8 which talks about whether to eat or not to eat meat dedicated to idols. Does that apply here? Would we use it as a compromise so that we don’t disappoint the kids? I don’t think anyone is “going to hell” by coloring a few easter eggs and decorating the house.

But think about this …. how many of you grown-ups out there give each other baskets of candy and colored eggs when there are no children around? And if you really do exchange gifts, it is in the name of ……. ? Read the chapter carefully and from at least 2 translations along with the KJV. I am still unapologetically concerned with how we present Easter to our little ones, the weaker among us, the ones over whom we have charge to train in the ways of the Lord.

Is the Easter Bunny on the “magical wonder” list along with Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy? Are we letting them, are we telling them to believe in them? Why? Why not Snow White or Hansel and Gretel? How many Santa Claus movies are out there portraying children who believe in Santa as happy and those who don’t as sad?

If you ask enough adults, you will hear stories of being dashed and disappointed when they outgrew the magic. I’ll tell you I was downright resentful. I felt lied to.

I could concede that if the festivities were presented as a once a year game …… or a special once a year treat ….. as a fairy tale like Cinderella (for whom we don’t have an annual celebration) … maybe. I am deeply troubled that it dominates the occasion.

If, indeed, the resurrection was Jesus finest moment, the culmination of the law and covenant, the means by which we are included in the promises, The Reason for coming to earth, why would He be even a little ok with sharing His greatest moment with pagan symbols?

If Jesus were to triumphantly march into a church of today, would He fling the easter baskets against the wall? “But…but…we’ve changed the pagan symbols to Christian!!” Ask yourself how much time and attention is given to the fun Easter traditions versus Jesus. Do the children see it the same way you do? Can they see the cross for the candy in their eyes? What is prioritized?

Can they tell you the story of Jesus as He relates to this holiday?


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