It’s Resurrection Day, thank you.

If today were two and a half weeks before Christmas, we would be either busily cooking, cleaning, buying, mailing, or stressing. If you are of the former, those Christmas letters would already have been in the hands of your friends and family two weeks ago. My letters get to their destinations mere hours before the holiday, within a week after the holiday, or the next year. I do hope my friends have come to understand and accept this flaw.

I have grown to favor Resurrection Day more and more. First, no letters and no gifts, at least not of the magnitude of Christmas gift giving is socially required. Maybe a card for Honey. Now that I am in a milder climate I can wear a spring dress without a coat. Neither is Resurrection Day such a big deal in terms of popular holidays that family members from inconvenient distances feel the pressure to travel. It’s a holiday that leaves one free to worship the Lord Who suffered for us.

I don’t think I’m lazy. I just don’t respond well to “Gotta.” If we’re talking about a religious holiday, and we are, I almost, not quite, but almost resent the Gotta-Do mentality. Once I get into the Christmas season I have fun but that doesn’t happen in early October which is when the decorations go up. I’m pretty sharp. I’ve caught on to the retailers wanting my money without concern for the meaning of the holiday.

Easter is a non-religious Celebration of Spring or some twaddle like that. Bunnies, colored eggs, egg hunts, pastels, blah-blah-blah. Jesus has nothing to do with Easter. (See previous post)

Jesus did not rise on Easter. He resurrected on the third day after Passover. In 325 Constantine gathered the Christian leaders of the day to decide which writings were to be included in what we still know as the Bible. One of the many results of this conference was to expunge Christianity of all Jewish influence and identification. Believing Jews were now ordered to exist in the likeness of the new Christianity and shed all resemblance to Jewishness or Jewish worship. Up until that point, 325 years to be exact, Jewish believers worshiped in the style of the first church in Jerusalem whether in caves, homes or synagogues, Jewish style.

Ahem. Jesus was a Jew (still is). When the angel told Mary (Miriam) what to call Him, she heard “Yeshua” not “Jesus”, an English translation through the Greek.

For all of the above reasoning, I am warming up to Resurrection Day as a favorite above Christmas. BTW, many Bible scholars pinpoint Yeshua’s birth as the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles in the fall.

You know, I’m really fed up with the secular refuse that is used to celebrate Yeshua’s birth and resurrection.

sukkot-2005.jpgLast fall,
Honey and I went to Shomair Yisrael’s sponsored celebration of Sukkot in a field. Storms threatened, the 55 mile distance was formidable right after work, time was short, but persevere we did. There was food. There was fellowship. There was music, dancing, singing, worship, lawn chairs in the grass, a band in the barn. Awesome, awesome. The first song was Joy to the World. Yeshua’s birthday, right?

I propose we “take our bat and ball” and move Christmas to Sukkot, that we change Easter to Resurrection Day and cage the egg laying rabbit. We know that we know that December 25th is not His birthday. It was pagan in the beginning and secular now. I propose we gather for the Passover meal every spring, erect and decorate booths every fall as you see here. Do you not realize that Christianity is Jewish? It’s time, brethren, to join hands with our Jewish Yeshua-believing siblings and as Yeshua prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, be one in Him.


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