Setting:  The paper strewn jungle in the corner of the computer room now and forever known as The Cave.

Act I:
In her first attempt to battle the IRS in the unchartered territory of Turbo Tax with Dial-up as her only energy source, Nana, who has been out of the tax loop for 34 years, cautiously clicks on the Start key.

Act II:
In her deep desire to be thorough, Nana plods carefully through all the help screens, even when she is sorta sure she will find little reward.

Act III:
Almost to the end of the maze of screens, Nana is blocked by "Enter AGI from 2004".  GAK!  Will the dial-up connection maintain long enough to dig through box after box of unfiled paperwork?  Will she still have time to make the tapioca pudding and fix her unruly hair in time for the card party 25 minutes away?

Nana searches for the Save button as she calculates her next moves under the relentless ticking of the clock.  She chooses the Paper & Mail option only to be blocked again by the AGI command!  And then it happens — the charge for Federal is the expected $19.95 but wait!  There also is listed a Tennessee charge of $24.95!  How can this be?  Just because she was searching in the wrong place for the Sales Tax deduction?

She cries FOUL! A POX ON THEE! among other things. 

As Nana grabs and pulls her unruly hair one more time, she sees another option that will rescue her from this quagmire of frustration.

CLEAR!  CLEAR, I TELL YOU!  CLEAR! (hahahahah-aaaaaaaH) 

The curtain falls.

Something went seriously wrong with the tapioca.  Oh, well.  It still tastes good.  Just pour it in a glass.


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