First Interview

Pray for God’s guidance, that the stage is set for His will.

I have an interview next Tuesday at 1:30 eastern.  It’s a big company, German owned, great benefits.

I feel like I am on hold.  I managed to set enough cash aside before the execution to pay 2 months’ card minimums.  But after that, …………. and the what-ifs are crouching in the shadows.  Begone with thee!!!!!

Now back to staring at the computer.  Poised on the high dive, toes curled around the end, knees bent, arms straight in front of me.  The lips are blue, goosebumps increase in the breeze as I shiver uncontrollably, streaks of sweat threatening my vision.  Below me are the dark waters of the IRS.  From the shore I hear voices of encouragement telling me that Turbo Tax is soooooo easy.

People, I have not done my own taxes since 1972.  After we were married, the store’s accountant did them as our income was tied into the corporation, and by the time the store closed, we each had a nephew who was a CPA.  Since I have some time on my hands this year, I am encouraged expected to dive into it myself.

I still have the nephews’ phone numbers.


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