Guess the Baby’s Age

big-baby.jpgTake a look at the jolly tummy and the happy feet.

How old is this baby?

I’ll give you until Monday evening ok, Tuesday, to submit your answer. 

The winner will be announced the following day and gets to pat him/herself on the back.


9 thoughts on “Guess the Baby’s Age

  1. hmmm…well, he’s smiling, so he can’t be much younger than 4 months or so…but 5 months is too high? Just visual, I would have said 8 or 9 months.

    I guess I’ll go with 4 months.

  2. Gee sounds a lot like my first delivery. She was so big, people didn’t know she was one of the newborns, thought she was an older baby in the hospital for some medical reason.

    O.K. The baby is laying back, probably can’t sit up on his own yet, can’t see the navel, judging by my own first daughter, I’ll guess 8 or 9 weeks.
    My daughter is now 31,
    5’11” tall, large boned, weighs about 190 and has not an ounce of fat on her.
    I carried her 10 full months, she was 9.4 at birth. My grandson is now 6 years old and he is twice the size of his classmates, my daughter all over again.


  3. Pebble, my daughter was 9lb.9oz., 1978, giving me the opportunity to actually “give birth” though popping every blood vessel in my face. She is of average height, average weight, and the prettiest baby I ever knew. I was 8lb.14oz. Is there a trend here?

  4. Here goes:

    I would have guessed 3 or 4 months, but when I read the other comments, I asked my wife to check the baby out.

    So,we scanned the picture and took it to Kinko’s and enlarged it. And we have concluded without a shadow of doubt that the child is nine weeks old and called to do great things for God as an apostle. He will suffer much for the gospel’s sake, but will reap great rewards.

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