End of the Spear

We went to see this with our friends Eddie and Charlotte Hart. They generously treated us to a movie and popcorn for my birthday. Soon I will feature the Harts in detail. The short version is that they are members of a local Messianic congregation, Shomair Yisrael , led by a Jewish believer in Yeshua aka Jesus.

I had read up on the movie through the blog world and came to understand that the lead actor, Chad Allen, is an open practicing homosexual. I didn’t chat about that with anyone before the movie, suspecting what I see to be true this morning, which is a level of chatter loud enough to drown out the whole story of missionaries who sacrificed themselves to reach the lost. After the movie, Charlotte’s first concern was why the 5 missionaries didn’t learn the language first. Things may have turned out better. In hindsight, that may not have produced the drama the natives needed to be convinced of God’s existence, forgiveness and redemption. Then she said, “Did you know the guy that played Nate Saint was homosexual?” Later, on the way to the restaurant for the most decadent and yummy fudge dessert known to mankind, Hubby mentioned Mr. Allen’s lifestyle. We all agreed that God must have wanted him in the middle of a Christian story. ‘Nuf said. We talked about the story.

This morning I tapped into Google and found Byron. He had written to the director and has published a response to which there are 215 comments so far, mine being the 215th. Being a former Quality Control person in another job, I did the sample study, about 10%. The primary concern is Chad Allen’s lifestyle. You can read what I had to say for yourself, but the gist of it is: Maybe if we concentrate on the film instead of Mr. Allen, we can help promote the story instead of confirming the world’s certainty of our homophobia, which is not true if you read the comments carefully. Most are bantering about the biblical viewpoint, whether or not to boycott, should the production company have used “someone like” Chad Allen, yada yada.

Go to the official movie web site and read for yourself. If you are so concerned about the actors, you can read their bio’s. At least three of the lead actors don’t claim to be Bubba or Susie Supersaint. They were chosen because they’re talented and experienced enough to deliver a quality performance.

I want you to focus. Put your hands on either side of your face as pretend blinders, and focus. This is a true story of 5 missionaries who gave their lives to reach a tribe no one else cared about and their women and children who risked their own lives to carry out the mission. A powerful, powerful testimony of obedience, love, and forgiveness. A stellar production.

Go see it. Tell your friends. Email the link to your friends and family. Oh, and BTW, the message of violence is clear, but the gore is minimal. If you’re worried about taking an 8 year old, I think he’s seen more intensity in video games. Keep in mind an 8 year old lived it. The difference may be in knowing that it really happened.


6 thoughts on “End of the Spear

  1. Hello! I took you up on your invitation to come *meet* you.

    It’s always nice to meet someone like-minded. And we are like-minded about this movie. 🙂

    I have met so many wonderful people through blogging – such a gift from the Lord.

    I peeked at your profile…I chose marriage and kids over college too and finally, this year, I think I’ve quit “apologizing” for it. I am truly happy and I don’t think a degree would add much to my life at this point.

    Hmmm…my comment is turning into a novel. Anyway, nice to meet you. God bless! and may you get cheescake soon.

  2. And a great, great story it is; don’t know if your “10% quality control check” caught it, but I played Nate Saint in a play called “Bridge of Blood” back when I was in high school in Virginia. Story has impacted my life significantly. It’s a story all should know about. Whether or not one chooses to see the film, the story is one of God’s using what the world called “evil”…but God meant it for good.

    And thanks for the link, “Dinah”… 🙂

  3. I linked to your blog from your thoughtful comment at SCO. I just wanted to say that I found your commentary here equally thoughtful. I am not religious, but it is people like you who give me hope that the cultural chasm dividing America can be bridged by people who focus on what they have in common with others, rather than what makes them different.

  4. I came here from SCO because I enjoyed your humor.

    Hmm! You are 40-16 this year. That’s funny.

    Consider using the prophetic side of your gifts in your writing. There might be some interesting books inside you waiting to be written. Ones that could make a difference.

    Larry Who

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