Praise the Lord!

On the way back from a concert, in the rain, late last night, our
daughter Brenda, her fiance, Chip, and his brother, Pete, were spared
after they were hit broadside by a drunk driver on a bridge in Seattle,
WA.  The car was hit on the passenger side where Brenda was, and shoved
them into a guardrail.   All were checked out, there were no injuries.
The car is totaled.

That’s an excerpt of a prayer of praise message to the church email prayer chain.  I want everyone to know what God did for my family this weekend and sing His praises for His grace. 

Isn’t it wonderful when God sees things our way and spares our children without injury?  I was at work when my daughter called to report the incident and assure me that all was well.  Well, not quite.  I’m a little teary eyed in Tennessee, and they’re in Seattle.  I can’t just hop a plane to go hug them, nevertheless …..whew.  I am swimming in gladness and gratitude.  God is good.

If you’re new to Across the Flow, take some time to pick through some archives and meet the family.  We enjoyed our daughter’s company over Christmas, had a few quiet days off and reluctantly returned to work Tuesday morning, the 3rd day of a new year.  We were met with the news that our co-worker’s 21 year old daughter was killed instantly by a drunk driver on her way to a friend’s wedding rehearsal on Friday evening, December 30th.  Wilma and Mike are understandably devastated.  Mine are tears of joy and another mother can’t walk or talk.  Why her?

This physical phase of our eternal existence seems so solid, such a sure thing.   No, just current.  And temporary.  I could crash on my way home and be hurtled into Jesus’ arms in a split second.  I could get really philosophical at this point, but it would all be conjecture.  Yesterday, my daughter and her fiance and his brother escaped harm.  Wilma’s daughter is Home.  I don’t get it, except maybe to suggest that no one but God is in control.  He numbers our days.

Rather than let that statement cause me to be insecure, afraid to walk out of the house, afraid to let my kids live their lives when I want to protect them, I will choose to wrap myself in the comforting security blanket of knowing Who holds us in His hand. 

That’s easy to say when He sees it my way.


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