2006, Here We Come

Today is the 11th and last day of my vacation, three nights of which I slept really well.  That’s worth noting since the fitful sleep patterns have far exceeded the restful ones since the summer of 2000.  Again, my favorite scripture, "It came to pass", not to stay.

Tomorrow, Jan 3, is my first day of 2006 and the busiest of the year with payroll changes.  After that, I look forward to ’06.  The first two months, I will be turning all the little 5’s into 6’s every time I write the year. 

As most Americans, I have resolved to do something about the extra weight.  I saw you roll your eyes, don’t think I didn’t.  But this time, I have a clear cut goal of looking as good as I can at my daughter’s wedding.  It’s for me, and me only.  The bride will steal the show.  I know.  I’ve seen the dress on the bride.  You’re all in for some eye candy.

May your new year be prosperous, positive, and as sane as possible.  May the ups exceed the downs, may all goals be achieved, may the inevitible glitches be without harm and something to laugh about.  Our future is a secret.  We have input, a few short term clues, some control as it’s happening, and we can plan.  But for the most part, it just happens.  Sometimes we fasten our seat belts and hunker down.

I want to quote from an actual experience reported by one of the speakers at a Women of Faith conference.  Picture two white haired women in their 60’s sitting in a land rover on the edge of a precipice in Aukland, wearing helmets which also block all vision, and listening only to a voice in a headset giving them commands.  The only rule is to follow instruction quickly and without question or pause.  And the first one is…..



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