Medical Insurance for computers

That sounds like a great idea!  Office visit copays for support calls, transplant deductible and coinsurance for new motherboards or power supplies, copays for diagnostic services such as virus scans, and a wellness program for preventive maintenance like upgrades and additional memory.  I need to investigate this.  I think I could make a bundle.  Remember, you read it here first.

My plans after I get the Christmas decorations up are to dig out all the Christmas photos I can find and post the best ones with the best stories on a daily or as available basis.  Those plans were dashed last night when, after our friend Darrell discovered why certain processes were slower than the first pong game from the ’70’s, I tried to log onto the internet and saw an error message telling me my internet connection software was corrupted.  ARRGH!!  It was working yesterday!!  The computer is now upstairs in the IT department as I type.  I’m dreading the verdict of …… virus, a five letter word that strikes panic in the heart of every computer owner who hasn’t backed up onto stacks of discs weekly.

So, tune in again for another exciting adventure in the continuing saga of Why Won’t This Stupid Thing Work.  See Jane cry.  See Jane with sledge hammer in hand "hit any key."  See Stan roll his eyes. Again.


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