Learning Patience and Perspective

The only way our house could be in a bigger state of mess is if we march a few wild animals through it.  Crumbs, dust, clutter, unmopped floors, cabinets in the bedroom, building materials in the dining room.  It looks like an ad for Lowe’s, the "before" part.  Laundry and dishes are kept up but that’s it.  Any remaining energy we have had in the last month has been dedicated to restoring the bathroom.  As I type, the sinks and potty are still outside.  I am temporarily a victim to a virus, the Fuzzy Lung Rocks version, and can participate only in spurts between naps and sit-downs. 

Last night I decided to sleep in and get my rest instead of setting the alarm for church.  But, like a dummy, I took the non-drowsy cold med instead of the Nyquil and flipped like a fish on caffeine.  This morning I used that false high to put on the first coat of two colors after which I crashed napped.  Stan’s working on the second coat.  I’ve taken pictures which are still being held hostage in the camera.  Maybe this week I’ll remember to take them in.

This coming weekend is the Ten-Tec Hamfest, Friday evening and all day Saturday.  Whatever gets done will have to be done after work.

I am trying to look forward positively and trying not to wish my life away.  Attitude is key.  Enjoying the ride even with potholes is vital.

Bible verse of the day:  "It came to pass."


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