Code in by doze

Of all things, a virus, too.  It’s been hanging on for 10 days now moving from throat to sinus to the other sinus to feathers in the lungs.  This morning the pressure in the left sinus was untouched by Alieve, prescribed nasal spray, decongestants and let us not forget the healing "plenty of fluids." Bah, humbug. Clearing the throat is enough to explode the head.  One more day and I can sleep in if, indeed, I can breathe by then, before I have to resume with the ongoing bathroom jungle.

The new wiring is done, the sheetrock installed, first layer of mud applied and dried.  We’ve verbally plotted a plan to hook up the sinks and commode Saturday.  In the meantime, we have a spare of each in the other bathroom.  Patience is a virtue.

Rita is menacing in the Gulf, teasing all the weather dudes and chasing people from their homes. No one anticipated a need for cots and satellite potties on the side of the freeways.  My complaints pale in comparison.  This crisis is coordinated as well as can be expected so far, considering its magnitude.  Pray for a smooth transition back to normalcy.

God is good.  We have a house.  It’s dry and usable.  This crisis shall pass easily for us.  That would be sometime in late October.  I am hanging in there, kleenex in hand.


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