Resistance is Futile

That’s a quote from a 1996 Star Trek movie . Capt. Picard is being changed from man to machine under control of the Borgs. That’s the line they fed him repeatedly to break his will. It’s a memorable line, and fun to use but not valuable. In fact, in real life, resistance is beneficial.

Resistance training with weights builds and strengthens the muscles making them more efficient at fat burning. Results are visible, attractive, and improve one’s overall health. But wait, before you buy the Bowflex, consider more benefits of resistance. When you actively resist gravity by long walks, taking the stairs, reaching, stretching, etc. you keep the blood flowing, the brain thinking, the heart pumping. You also by this time really get my point.

Resistance to temptation develops and strengthens resolve. Resisting a comeback i.e. a smart mouth response, may save your job or a relationship. Don’t always excuse that quick zinger as venting and don’t give me that look. If you can’t say something nice, at least be vague.

Resistance to wrong can mean standing up to a bully and ending your own or someone else’s torture. Resistance to lies by standing up for the truth may produce painful derisive laughter, but your character just got polished. I could give you a long list, but if you’re over the age of 7 and you weren’t the most or best among your peers, you are amassing your own list.

We have a friend about 15 years older than we are who was athletic, lean and a mean basketball player. One day he declared he was tired and sat down. And stayed there. “That’s enough exercise for one lifetime. Now I’m going to sit” I don’t know how long it took for his body to reverse and go downhill but it did. He is now dependent on a motorized wheel chair, is diabetic, obese, has had a few heart bypasses, his knees are bone on bone and there is zero circulation in his feet. He just had a major heart attack a few weeks ago. He couldn’t resist not resisting the ravages of the couch potato lifestyle. Resistance keeps you healthy.

Consider the humble bumble bees . Their bodies’ size and shape in proportion to their wings makes flying improbable. But they do. Their maneuverability, speed, and endurance is a puzzle. So they were taken on a space mission for observation in a weightless environment. I don’t know exactly what the researchers were expecting. Maybe more speed? Maybe little buzzy sighs and smiles as they enjoyed a life of ease? No. They died. It was resisting and overcoming the odds to fly that kept them able to fly. And alive. Resistance is not only good for you, it’s necessary.

Denial is futile.


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