SUNDAY, JULY 17, AMC—Here it come, kids, THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY, the one that started them all!!  The airplane disaster movies, that is!!! WOO-HOO!!! John Wayne, and I forget who else, but I know there are some famous-at-the-time stars in it.  And the ball was rolling.  Once you hear the theme song, it is a part of your memory bank forever.

I don’t know how many air disaster movies followed in the next 20 years but they were exciting, daring, tense, stupid, wonderful, redundant, and greatly in need of lampooning.  Hence—AIRPLANE!  AIRPLANE II !!

Isn’t it fun?  If you don’t have the stomach, and it takes an iron one, to find and watch all the subsequent airplane disasters movies, you ABSOLUTELY MUST catch The High and The Mighty.  Airplane and Airplane II pulled scenes from them all, not just High and Mighty, not just air disasters (see Since You Went Away ).  If you haven’t seen at least three of the air disaster dramas, you really don’t get the lampoon jokes.  I  DARE  YA !!

And, just in cast you miss it tomorrow night on AMC, guess what!!  I BOUGHT THE DVD through Amazon!!   It will ship in August and I will own it !!  You are doomed, doomed I tell you, to see THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY!!!!

(ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa)


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