Dizzy as a Loon

I thought loons were quackless ducks with a distinctive fashion sense. But are they dizzy? What comes to mind when we think of the word dizzy? Staggering, falling, swooning (now there’s a blast from the past), fainting, echohead?

Maybe the phrase “drunker’n a skunk” is more accurate. Are there little animal saloons in the woods after dark? Skunks are nocturnal after all. And they waddle funny.

Saturday is a day I look forward to for at least 5.75 days of the week. I know–wishing my life away. No matter. Time is like a roll of toilet paper: the closer to the end, the faster it goes. So, Saturday is the day I sleep in. I get up about 8-something as was the case this last weekend. Stan is up earlier and usually goes to Jim’s wood shop to play work on projects. My ToDo was loaded and I was ambitiously looking forward to getting some of these dusty projects done.

First on the list was loading the begonias into the window box inserts. The day promised to get hot, so I was working on the shaded porch in back. The room started spinning. And it wouldn’t stop. I grabbed all the door frames necessary to get to the sofa and was going to lay down but the room still spun, then bounced left, then right, then back again. I didn’t have double vision, it was more like independent twitchy eyes. Remember how Matt Decker could jiggle his eyeballs? Close, but slower. Closing them made it worse. The only thing I could do for the next 8 hours was sit up with my head resting on the back of the sofa. 5:30, I’m fine. Sunday, fine. Monday, fine. Tuesday, fuzzy echohead. (Grrrr)

This morning I went to the doctor. After much poking, prodding, and discussion, he pronounced me a victim of Vertigo. No, not like the movie. That was from a fear of heights. This is a sibling to Meniere’s disease or a cousin, a disorder of the balance mechanism in the inner ear. (Google it.) He reassured me there is cheap generic medicine to be used during an attack which may not occur again, or it may occur and last days (oh, yay) or there may be little spells. All old ladies have spells. I just never knew what they were about until now. For such an event, I take one pill every 6 hours until it’s over.

I take my prescription to the nice pharmacist, he puts it in a bag. Smiling perkily, we thank each other, and off I go. A few hours later I pulled it out and I saw the bright yellow warning on the label. Are you ready?

“May cause dizziness.” I hate drug companies.

One thought on “Dizzy as a Loon

  1. Oooo, the irony!

    GAK, Jane. I hope this is a passing phase. My friend Alisa has “spells” of vertigo and they are worse for her with stress…so don’t stress yourself out, up or around.

    Hope the pills work.


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