A Little Truth

I am somewhat disorganized. Yes, really. Ok, so I’m a lot disorganized. I think part of the problem is that I have too often bought into the highly overrated concept that multi-tasking is a heroic thing. I forget that I learned 30 years ago that there is no such thing as Superwoman. Erma Bombeck wrote about the new neighbor who had the pictures hung and dinner in the oven the same day she moved in and Erma had barely put away the binoculars. No, Erma didn’t like her much either.

I have too many things going on. Lists of lists, seasonal projects, stuffed corners from the winter, and where did all these loose scraps of paper come from? Oh, yes!! When I hear something I want to remember, I write it down. Of course, there’s no tablet or journal (need to write that down–buy a journal) so I grab an envelope or a used shopping list (that’s where that went!). Do I date it? No. Do I include the source? Sometimes.

I was thumbing through a book and saw that it had a scrap of paper as a bookmark. Dang! Lost my place! I had written down a movie quote from an old black and white film from the 40’s. Ingrid Bergman was the nun and Bing Crosby was the priest–The Bells of St. Mary. These are really great movies, guys! So they don’t have flipping, exploding cars, or people flying backward 20 feet from one little bullet, blood flying all over and words you don’t want your children to hear. That’s what makes them great.

Anyway….Ingrid’s character says to her young student who didn’t pass her final for graduation “If you don’t fail sometimes your successes won’t mean anything. Have courage.” It’s a little truth to pocket.  I hope I empty the pocket before it’s thrown in the washer.

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