As God is my witness, I promise…

I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on a conversation between two coworkers last week. So what am I supposed to do, put my fingers in my ears and chant “blah,blah,blah?” One of them was complaining that the wedding he was going to was like the last one and the countless ceremonies before that. Aren’t those tired old vows ready for a re-do? According to the sermon this morning, please don’t do that. The purpose of the same-ol’ same-ol’ vows is to remind the audience of their moment in time when they made impossible promises. “I made that promise, too.” So, my preacher-friend, if you’re reading this, I really appreciate you. Let’s see if my translation matches what he was trying to convey: (italics mine)

I all of me, ______, take you warts and all to be my wedded woven to me (mate), to have gently possess and to hold keep you from injury and hurt, for better or worse than….???, for richer caution–few handle excess wealth well or poorer it takes combined strength to make it through poor, in sickness any and all and in health this takes work too, ’til death and the process of dying do us part even though I feel connected to you in my grief.

How have Stan and I lasted 32 years? We were and are still willing to fall in love as many times as it takes. Neither of us has kept count. Some days it’s like the talk show host who suggested he and his wife are just too old and tired to see what else might be out there, but mostly we are at least affectionate.

I probably won’t walk up to the coworker and attempt to persuade him of this revelation. But if he asks, I have an answer. Some things just shouldn’t change.


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