Across the Flow

Ok, so nobody’s asked me why I chose that title. I had two pages of cutesy, maudlin, wierd, and trite options. This one just felt right. I think it’s me. Sort of. Some would say I am so much against the flow of thoughts and ideas, it’s not funny. And sometimes you would be right on. There are big deals over which I am immovable.  When it comes to those biggest deals, I’ll just stand there in the rapids like a rock, or move out of your way if need be, but across, not with. You can move around me or grab my hand. Your will is as free as mine.

For the everyday common stuff, I see myself moving across the majority’s flow, teasing, breaking the monotony, getting someone to laugh, to think, to move out of a rut, to stop, rest, look me in the eye for a moment, and maybe a little hug would be in order.

Once, when I was killing time in Chicago between flights, I people-watched. And since very few airports provide cots, I was obliged to sit in Chili’s with a bowl of soup, then walked the concourses to the ends and back. Got my workout in! After one or two, they all started looking alike and I was wishing I had some breadcrumbs to make a trail. I noticed no one looks at anyone they aren’t traveling with, making it a very lonely, albeit crowded place. I did manage to exchange a sentence and a chuckle with a lady in Chili’s, and thanked a soldier on a 2 week break from duty in Iraq. He appreciated that.

When it was finally time to settle at my departure gate I noticed there were two flights departing from the same gate, 10 minutes apart, so no empty seats were available for waiting. I parked myself across the aisle. When the call came to board, I headed across a flow of people who don’t slow down or look up, only look through and walk around. No “excuse me”s, no notice, no problem. Just like blending onto a freeway, they zigged, I zagged.

Interrupting the flow makes life interesting and fun. I rather like moving across. If we bump into each other, let’s stop and talk.

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